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dramatic wedding

The wedding of one of our own event designers, Keith Gawronski, and his husband Darcy, was featured in the beautiful Weddingbells Special Edition annual magazine this year. The gorgeous reception, inspired by Keith and Darcy’s love of the ballet and opera, was catered by Couture Cuisine and Chef Arpi Magyar at the National Ballet School […]

heartwarming party

On Friday night, we catered a lovely housewarming party. We love getting involved in such important life events for our clients, and it’s especially heartwarming when they rave about our work! The guests were welcomed with crystal flutes of Veuve Cliquot – fitting, as the colour scheme mirrored the orange-yellow trademark Cliquot label. As the […]

ancient wines & a tasting menu to match

Happy New Year! Before the holidays, Chef Magyar donated his time to a charity dinner which featured a staggering array of very old – ancient, practically – wines. Chef was thrilled to taste a number of the wines, and found the 1911 Moet & Chandon to be surprisingly good – “fantastic,” he said, with tiny […]

winter warmers: part II

We love something traditional and warm to sip while trimming the tree. Mulled wine fits the bill perfectly, and lucky you! We’re sharing our favourite recipe: ingredients: 1 bottle red wine 4 tablespoons brandy or cointreau 1/2 cup unsweetened cranberry juice 1 orange, quartered, each quarter stuck with 1 clove large pieces of zest of […]

winter warmers – part I

Chilled to the bone after hanging Christmas lights outdoors? Warm up with some decadent hot chocolate…here’s our favourite recipe: ingredients: 1 1/2 cups milk 1/2 cup cream 3 1/2 ounces bittersweet or semisweet (we use Valrhona or Callebaut) 1 cinnamon stick 1 teaspoons honey 2 teaspoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract for a little […]

grand cru 2011

On Friday, October 29th, Chef Arpi Magyar and our culinary team participated in the 7th annual Grand Cru dinner, in support of the University Health Network. We took part last year as well, and are proud to support an excellent cause (while serving dreamy food paired with exceptional wines). Not only are we happy to […]

for the thirsty traveller…

We had to share this striking and clever wine map of France. Next time you’re trying to figure out if that wine you’re enjoying is from Provence or Languedoc-Roussillon, you can simply consult this handy guide, laid out like a subway map. Attractive enough to frame, it would be a whimsical (and convenient) addition to […]

a rare treat

Last year, we told you about a dinner menu we created to compliment over twenty extraordinary wines. The event was in support of the charity rare, and we are thrilled to announce that we will be taking part again this year. Over the next three months, Chef Arpi Magyar will imagine, test, adjust, and finalize […]

fingers crossed

Our newest cocktail garnish obsession comes in the form of finger limes. These heirloom-hued, oblong, and tiny limes would be a conversation starter at any cocktail party. We can’t decide what we love more: the cuteness of these little limes, or the chic-ness of their alternate name – caviar limes. Just like with caviar, the […]

icewine pairings

Niagara’s yearly Icewine Festival may have come and gone, but we can’t get this sweet treat off our minds. A cherished Canadian specialty, icewine is a late-harvest wine made from healthy, frozen grapes that have been left on the vine for several months following the normal harvest (-8˚C or colder weather is required in Canada). […]